Realizing Your Big Vision

Project Manager realizes stated visions while managing the triple constraint - cost, time and quality. Upon understanding Client's Exact Needs, PM creates clear and attainable project objectives and builds project requirements.

PM has full responsibility and authority required to complete a project. PM maintains the progress and mutual interaction of tasks of various stakeholders in order to maximize the benefits and reduce the risks. PM keeps everyone informed with Periodic Progress Reports.

Project Manager adapts various methodologies to bring the project to a successful completion. PM uses tools such as work breakdown and critical path charts or cost/value analysis, and relies on generally recognized best practices, standards and regulations. PM has excellent people and environment management skills, as Positive Team Environment is essential for Maximum Results and Project Success.

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Interacting with clients to jointly and progressively realize the desired solution. Using Change Management Methodologies and training sessions to increase client satisfaction and gain wider user acceptance.

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Hiring, building and training effective teams that fully utilize technical skills of each person. Encouraging and guiding developers to produce maximum quality solution with minimum time and effort.

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Managing and adhering to project budgets, industry standards & best practices. Creating enterprise privacy policies and procedures, and managing expectations. Ensuring education and awareness of the solution's end-users.

Highlights of Features & Benefits

  • 20 Years of Experience in Software Engineering with 100% Success in Project Delivery
  • Management of Multiple Simultaneous Projects across Canada, U.S.A., and Europe
  • Direct Communication with Executives, Technical Staff, End-Users, Officials and others
  • Selective Hiring and Training of the Best Talent for the Job (employees or contractors)
  • Inspiring Leadership of Cross-Disciplinary and/or Diverse Teams for Total Success
  • Promotion of Positive Environment Resulting in Employee Trust and Performance

Portfolio of Achievements

Key clients:

Deutsche Bank, Mortgage Brokers, Rogers Wireless, Sat Systems, Toronto Mayor Elections.


Finance, Mortgage, Telecom, Entertainment, Internet Marketing, Service & Logistics, Retail.

Professional project portfolio is available upon request.
Open access portfolio gallery is available on this page.


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