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Plane co-pilot consultant

Imagine enjoying yourself in a pool in the Caribbean sipping on a delicious Mojito when you suddenly remember that you have to call a very important client.

No problem. Pull up your laptop with a VoIP Phone App, connect wirelessly to the Internet, and access your Head Office via VPN. Make the phone call as if you were at the office. Your client will never know where you are... as long as no one jumps into the pool...

Information Technology Consultant collaborates with clients to Boost the Performance of their businesses. Through comprehensive understanding, creativity and technical expertise, they focus on suggesting, implementing, and deploying innovative and stable solutions.

The core objective of the Executive Vision solutions is the automation and streamlining of daily company tasks, including data processing and reporting, quality and consistency control, and business continuity and security.

Highlights of Technologies
The installations may include custom documentation if needed.  
Server Room IBM, DELL, HP Servers & Storage Cisco & SonicWALL Firewall & Failover Pro CAT6 & GB Switches & Routers
Open Source Telephony Asterisk Digium Linux freePBX VoIP HylaFAX Enterprise Digital Fax Server Private Global Secure VoIP over VPN
Multi-Location & Office Security Global Office, Cloud, Remote Management VPN-SSL / IPSec, Intrusion Prevention Cameras, Sensors, Access Cards, PINs
Network & Backup CAT6 & Telephony, Cabling & Wireless UPS Power Backup, Cooling Systems Office-wide Backup, Business Continuity
Best Practices Strategic Planning, Financial Analysis SOX, PIPEDA, ISO, GAAP, IFRS, Legal ITIL, SAP, ETL, Lean Six Sigma, Red Book

Highlights of Features & Benefits

  • Professional Approach to Organization's Goals, Proactively Searching for Improvements
  • Effective Management of Purchasing, Installation and Deployment of Complex IT Systems
  • Inspiring Management and Leadership Resulting in Motivated and Effective Employees
  • Certifications in CAT6 Network Installation and Network Security Administration
  • Years of Hands-on Experience with Electronic and Electrical, and Accounting Systems
  • Corporate, Legal and Accounting Documentation including A/R, A/P, Payroll, Taxes, SRED

List of IT Consulting Services

  • Project Management - Realizing Your Big Vision
  • IT Consulting - Network, Telephony, Security, Backup
  • Research and Review - Choosing Products and Services
  • Business Process - Mapping and Executing Your Big Idea
  • Financial Coordination - Budgets, Accounting, Taxes, SRED
  • Team Leadership - Keeping Your Team Inspired and Productive
  • Upgrade and Repair - Desktops, Laptops, Servers, Migration
  • Vendor and Client Management - Relations and Finances
  • Directing Operations - Getting the Details under Control
  • Software Engineering - Developing Online Applications
  • Presentation - The Last 5% Improvement & Perfection
  • Media Quality - Rich Music and Professional Designs
  • Promotion - Seminars, Trade Shows, Expos, Events

Portfolio of Achievements

Key clients:

Deutsche Bank, Mortgage Intelligence, University of Toronto, Sonic Unyon, Sat Systems.


Finance, Mortgage, Distribution, Entertainment, Service & Retail, Telecom, Environmental.

Professional project portfolio is available upon request.
Open access portfolio gallery is available on this page.


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